A Single Customer View Starts with a CDP: Meet AgilOne


A Single Customer View Starts with a CDP: Meet AgilOne

Marketers have it easy, right? Flush with piles of customer data, it should be simple to know exactly who your prospects and customers are, target them with the perfect message, and grow your revenue from the data you own. But it's not.

There is more data than ever before, but marketers struggle to know the most basic details of their customers:

  • 96% of marketers are challenged in building a comprehensive, single view of the customers
  • 40% of marketers are unable to personalize because of the inability to link data across disparate technologies

It doesn’t have to be this hard.

Watch Acquia’s AgilOne on-demand webinar to learn how you can use machine learning to unlock siloed data and gain a single view of your customers.

During this on-demand webinar marketers will:

  • Learn what a CDP is and how is it different than DMP, CRM, or MDM
  • Learn about AgilOne’s unique approach to machine learning and AI, and how these capabilities directly benefit marketers
  • Hear how brands like Lululemon, Tumi, and Moosejaw use AgilOne to drive business results
  • Watch a live demo to learn how to create personalized campaigns across on and offline channels