Headless CMS Buyer's Guide


Headless CMS Buyer's Guide

Amplience have guided hundreds of businesses through the process of selecting the right CMS for them. Amplience was a fantastic fit for many of those companies, but we have also recommended some businesses towards some of our competitors when their focus has not been commerce centric. In those cases, another CMS was simply a better fit for their business needs and we were happy to point them in the right direction.

As a result of many customer conversations and RFPs, Amplience have built up a really good sense for the key factors that help businesses navigate their CMS vendor evaluation and selection process. Your business will likely make trade-offs along the way that typically boil down to speed (time to market), control (flexibility) and budget (cost).

To help with your evaluation process and navigate these tradeoffs, Amplience have broken down the key areas to consider into four key categories:

  • Technical maturity
  • CMS architecture
  • Business requirements
  • Commercial model and pricing

Download the Headless CMS Buyers Guide to learn more.