Chart of the week: Top 10 US magazines championing mobile


Chart of the week: Top 10 US magazines championing mobile

25th June 2019

ESPN drove over 50 million individual mobile visitors to its website, the most of any other brand studied by MPA and comScore last month, while People scored over 46 million unique visitors.

Both ESPN and People have been building a mobile strategy to round out their digital channels for a while.  ESPN has followed users online and on mobile, repurposing cable content for those platforms. While People Magazine initially launched a mobile site back in 2012, an innovator and forward-thinker in the mobile space.

Each companies’ mobile success comes from two important parts of their strategies: keeping the screen size and format for mobile devices in mind when producing content, and centering what the mobile audience wants. Those two central issues inform how everything from its homepage to its stories and videos appears.

As the chart below shows, certain content areas, such as cooking and lifestyle, do particularly well on mobile, with Allrecipes, Taste of Home, Good Housekeeping, and Country Living scoring top ten spots in the MPA and comScore report. 

People in the US spend over a quarter of their day with digital media, with 3.6 hours of that time spent on mobile devices. Advertisers and publishers need to follow and revamp content for those users, in order to fully benefit from how people are engaging with digital media.