The State of Universal Content Management 2020 - Watch Now

London Research

The State of Universal Content Management 2020 - Watch Now

A large portion of business success can be attributed to effective content management. But, many organisations are still struggling with a fragmented approach across different teams, markets and platforms. So, what can be done?

Well, new research from London Research and Censhare looks at how organisations can take their content management to the next level, and this on-demand webinar further analyses the global survey of more than 700 business professionals, conducted earlier this year..

During this on-demand webinar you can expect to learn how to:

  • Benefit from a more integrated approach to content management.
  • Understand what content management 'leaders' are doing differently in order to succeed.
  • Overcome challenges relating to governance, production and management of content across different business functions and regions

Plus, much much more!

Without implementing a centralised content management strategy, businesses run the risk of a poor customer experience record. Something which is vital in today's digital world. 

Make sure you don't get left behind, watch this on-demand webinar today!