Prepping For The Peak


Prepping For The Peak

What works? What doesn’t? What’s different about this year? And what’s everyone else doing?

It’s a lot to keep track of. But don’t worry – we did a lot of the research for you in this report. In it, you’ll learn:

  • Concrete tips to stand out in the inbox this peak season (did someone say convenient?)
  • Why most CMOs are focusing on protecting what's theirs and not new land grabs
  • How to make online shopping feel more in-person
  • Insights from Gartner into why older shoppers are ready to get back into stores
  • Some research into emoji usage that will definitely surprise you! (Did you think the 🚨 emoji was gone? It’s not! But should it be?)
  • How tech vs beauty vs fashion are using different methods to appeal to customers

So grab this guide, study hard, and get ready to smash your revenue goals this peak season.

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